The time for a smart home

Do you remember when Blu-ray was one of the ‘next generation standards along with HD DVD. It was clear that only one will emerge victorious in this tech war. I followed this war closely, but I didn’t buy either. I don’t mind waiting for technology. I try to follow every new gadget, every piece of tech

The Dirty Truth on Cutting Edge Technologies  

Firstly, some cutting-edge tech demands the usage of somebody else’s software. Rosoboronexport’s exhibition technologies are a brand-new solution for worldwide arms shows. US industries need various technology skills, and every one of those skills has different entry requirements, causing the chance for people who want to change careers or those appearing to advance in their

Best Gadgets of 2017

Isn’t it exciting and interesting when developers make new gadgets every single year? Some will exceed our expectations, and some might not meet our expectations. Either way, we still get amazing gadgets with every new year. Here are some of the best gadgets of 2017 some of which has been already released and some which

Best ideas for future technology

Our current technology is extremely advanced, and when you think it cannot get better than this, it does get better. There are many ideas that developers have put forward. All of it might not be possible, but many are possible. Hence here are some of the ideas that we consider the best. Please note that

Top 5 companies for artificial intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is an area a lot of companies are investing in. Numerous researches have been conducted over the years, and great innovations have been developed by different companies in multiple fields. Here are some of the great companies that have contributed to the world through its Artificial Intelligence in no particular order: Facebook: Anyone