Best ideas for future technology

Our current technology is extremely advanced, and when you think it cannot get better than this, it does get better. There are many ideas that developers have put forward. All of it might not be possible, but many are possible. Hence here are some of the ideas that we consider the best. Please note that some of these are all still just ideas and concepts.Some of these ideas are still in their testing stages:

  • Airlander 10:

The first idea on our list is the Airlander 10 which had been an idea for years and finally took its successful test flight at the beginning of this year. In its previous tests, the aircraft crashed, but this time it was successful and flew for around 3 hours. This aircraft if successful will be the largest and biggest that can carry many passengers and luggage at one go. The developers mentioned that it could stay up in the air for five continuous days.

  • Super Maglev Train:

The idea of this train is to use vacuum tubes for transportation. As a result, it will be extremely fast, and you will reach your destinations for short periods of time. It was reported that the train would travel at 1800 miles per hour. This idea originated from China, and the people behind it believe that it will be possible to create the Super Maglev trains since the current fast Maglev trains which run at 260 miles per hour were also a product they could achieve.

  • Glassy glassy phones:

Mac Funamizu has given the concept of ‘Glassy Glassy Phones’ which is a transparent phone. Look at the pictures, doesn’t it look cool? It will be transparent till users turn it on. Once it is on, the keypads and screen will appear. The Glassy Glassy Phones will have a 3D look and function like any other phone. The idea comes from Japan.

  • Self-driving trucks:

These trucks are supposed to reach their destinations without a driver. It would definitely be cheaper and realistic for companies to use these for transportation. Several companies have reported being researching on this concept. Mercedes is one who is considering it. We don’t know if this will be a great idea from the viewpoint of truck drivers because it can leave many people jobless. On the other hand, it can also be a relief for truck drivers because they can monitor the truck without driving. Even though it is a self-driving truck, we doubt that companies will let trucks drive on its own without someone monitoring it.

  • CurveStar:

CurveStar is a concept developed by the University of Southampton in the United Kingdom. The CurveStar will help in lighting anything under it for great photographs. You can see from the picture that there will be lights in all angles. This will give your photographs great results capturing even the tiniest details through your camera. The CurveStar will use a geodesic lighting system. This is still in its developing phase.

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