The time for a smart home

Do you remember when Blu-ray was one of the ‘next generation standards along with HD DVD. It was clear that only one will emerge victorious in this tech war. I followed this war closely, but I didn’t buy either. I don’t mind waiting for technology. I try to follow every new gadget, every piece of tech news. But when it comes to buying, I am rarely among the first adopters.

The price falls quickly, the technology is more stable; there is a myriad of reasons why waiting a year is beneficial.

The same goes to the concept of a smart home. I believe that now is the perfect time to start actually utilizing the technology. So, my advice is this:

If you are planning any renovations, especially interior design, start looking for ways to utilize today’s technologies. AI is now much smarter and more responsive compared to 2 years ago. With a couple of Raspberry PIs you can start transforming your home today.

Besides, even Amazon has dropped the price of the Echo to $40. 

How to turn your house into a smart home?

smart home

The best way to start is by jotting down all the problems you have. Then, think of a solution in a ‘smart home mind’. Then, all you will need to do is to take each problem and solve it.

It’s not as easy?

Let us give you a couple of examples.

When you come home after work, you start by making yourself a cup of coffee and browsing through the news. Well, a timer and an Alexa could help with that.

Or another one for gamers Let’s say that you have a favorite place to play. You can play free multiplayer games here or online free pokies to play here. But you don’t want to be sitting at your computer. If it’s a simple game, you can set up a voice activated system and connect the screen to your TV. Would you like that?

Smart bulbs can automatically light up at the ring of a doorbell? Or if you want to keep burglars away when you’re out of town, they can replay patters of how you use lights.

Smart kitchens, smart locks, the list can go forever. It’s really the case of if you can dream it, it can happen.

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