Top 5 companies for artificial intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is an area a lot of companies are investing in. Numerous researches have been conducted over the years, and great innovations have been developed by different companies in multiple fields. Here are some of the great companies that have contributed to the world through its Artificial Intelligence in no particular order:


Anyone who has access to the internet knows about Facebook. The majority of us know it as a social networking site. But did you know that they have invested a lot in Artificial Intelligence? The Facebook team has opened three labs for this purpose. They have a research team called Facebook Artificial Intelligence Researchers (FAIR).


Microsoft’s research in Artificial Intelligence has always been famous. It has already developed multiple products using AI for business, applications and their digital assistance. Its research continues to develop in the field of machines, language, speech recognition and much more. One of its great recent developments is the HoloLens which is a holographic computer. It lets you interact with reality and virtual reality.


Google has invested a lot in Artificial Intelligence. They have mostly focused on visual processing, language and speech translation. The recent Google assistance service Alexa is a great example of its product.  Google is well known in the AI field for photographic memory especially for VR, Google Photos and Google Search.


Apple is definitely one of the most popular companies whose products are being used by many. Many of us are aware of Siri, the virtual assistant. It has been very useful, and every year Siri is upgraded with new features. Apple has acquired 4 AI startups and is said to be working to improve its products using AI.


Feedzai has been crucial in the field of commerce and business. A lot of retailers and banks use this technology for money transaction. They have user’s trust because of the usage of artificial intelligence in their work. Feedzai has been collaboratively created by data scientists and aerospace engineers.


Baidu is the biggest company that has developed and is investing on AI in China. They have done numerous researches on autonomous driving, aids for the visually impaired, search engine and home assistance. Baidu has already successfully integrated AI into search engines.


AiCure uses and develops products using AI in the field of medicine. It has been widely used by pharmaceutical companies to conduct trials. The way AiCure works is that it uses AI to confirm medical ingestion visually. Once patients are given medicine, a doctor or family members might not be aware if medicines are really taken. Through its mobile apps, one can detect if a patient actually ingests medicines.


Banjo is a more recent company, but it has gained popularity in the past few years for identifying real time happenings quickly. It uses AI to do the work. Banjo helps people scan through social media, organises it and helps companies to interact with people all over the world.

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